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Kiss Harry in the rain or kiss Zayn under the stars
--- zyan

Be best friends with Louis or best friends with Niall
--- niall

Liam kiss you passionately on stage in front of a bunch of fans or zayn take you back stage to make out in his dressing room
--- :iconomfgplz: ZZZZZAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYNNNNNN.....derp....

Share Niall's food or touch Harry's hair
---harry's hair

Get a piggy-back ride from Louis or cuddle with Niall
---cuddle Niall

Watch Toy Story with Liam or Grease with Louis
--- louis

Have Harry tweet you 'good morning babe x' every morning for the rest of his career, or meet the boys one on one

Break Niall's heart or have him break yours
---have him break mine

Be the inspiration behind Louis's cover of Look After You or Zayn's inspiration behind singing Let Me Love You
--- EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK you all know zayn by know lol...

Find out that the boys don't actually get on- that it's all an act-or find out that they lip-sync and can't actually sing
--- lip-sync

Break up Louis and Eleanor or break up Liam and Danielle

Be the inspiration of a song called 'Reasons I Hate You' or a song called 'My Biggest Regret'
--- my biggest regret

Accidentally pee your pants while sitting on Liam's lap or get your period at a meet & greet
--- period

Skinny dipping with Zayn and Louis or skinny dipping with Harry, Liam and Niall
---zayn and derp...

Be fed popcorn by Harry or share an icecream cone with Liam
---ICE CREAM!!!!

Be Niall's long lost sister or be Zayn's cousin

Be in a relationship with Liam and have his parents disapprove of you or your parents disapprove of him
---my parents (they will forget about it eventually

Accidentally push Louis off a balcony and get hate for it forever or have Louis accidentally push you off a balcony
--- me off long as i don't die

Be known a 'the girl who broke up One Direction' or 'the girl who broke Zayn's heart, pushing him into depression'
---.................................... niether.....never would i do any of that....

Have Kevin shit on your face just as Liam's about to kiss you or get a huge, painful, embarrassing splinter while breaking a wooden table to Zayn

Be called ugly by the boys or ask for a hug photo and be rejected in front of all the fans and have it go viral on youtube

Fart in front of Louis and gas the room out or throw up on Harry's shoes
---harry's shoes

Find out that Mick Jagger actually is Harry's dad or find out that your dad is actually Harry's dad
---my dad iz harry's dad

Sleep under the stars with Niall or sleep on a trampoline with Liam

Sleepover with the boys but things get awkward and barely anyone talks at all or sleepover with the boys but it gets cut short because their management disapproves and makes you leave
---awkward sleepover i'll just start a pillow fight......

Camp with Niall or camp with Liam

Be in a horror movie with Zayn or with Louis
--- zayn <3

Star in the remake of Titanic alongside Niall or Harry

Have Liam name your new born son Buzz or Woody

Campfire with the boys and accidentally catch your pants on fire or go swimming with the boys and nearly drown

Fall asleep sandwiched between Harry and Louis? Or fall asleep between Liam and Zayn?
---  liam and ZAYN!!!!

Find out that Harry is doing drugs? Or find out that Hannah and Louis broke up (for good) because of a stupid rumor you pretended to start?
--- louis and hannah

Have Liam give you a passionate kiss you in the rain before going on the tour bus ( meaning in front of a lot of fans)? Or Zayn drag you backstage to makeout?
--- know what i pick........if not......:iconderpplz: you should its :iconzaynmalikplz:

Have Niall tweet how "amazing" of a girl you are? Or Zayn send you a video of him giving you a wink?

Find out that Harry actually HATES Louis? or Find out that Zayn has chosen to leave 1Direction?
--- ...........zayn

Stay up all night with Liam under the stars? Or you and Harry watch Fireworks on top of a building?

Have Harry break your heart to the point of depression? or break his heart to the point he can't even sing right?
--- harry break mine

Get 1Direction's phone numbers (thru a dm tweet), but NEVER EVERRR meet them? Or spend an awesome week with them, but you don't get their number?
----spend an awesome week with them, but you don't get their number

Have Harry tweet you "goodmorning" every morning? Or have Liam tweet you "goodnight" every night?

Harry send you a nude photo of himself? Or you and Zayn have a really kinky covo on msn?
---  zayn

Never finding out that Harry was actually in love with you ( you blew your chance)? Or Zayn say that he's in love with you, but he's really not (ignorance is bliss)?
--- harry

Sneeze all over Harry's face with your boogers hanging out? Or fart in front of Zayn.

Harry doing a cover of "One Less Lonely Girl" (Justin bieber) for you? Or Zayn doing a cover of "Take You Down" (Chris Brown < listen to the song[; ) for you?

Find out that Harry has a tiny itsy bitsy weeny? Or Find out that Zayn has lady parts on his bottom half?
--- harry...

Be married to Liam, but he cheats on you? or Married to Zayn, but he doesn't want any kids with you?

Be rated a "10" by the boys at a signing and everyone witnessing it? Or be mentioned on twitter by all the boys saying "we love @___________"?

Find out that Niall has a freaky foot fetish? Or Zayn has really..realllyy hairy nipples?

Find out that Harry has big man boobs? Or find out that Liam has freakishly large nipples?
--- liam

Have Harry send you a long sweet msg via Twitter? Or Niall write you a sweet love song with your name in it ( It'll be featured in their album)?
--- harry

Be soulmates with Liam? or be Zayn's girlfriend? (soulmates and gf are completely different)
---zayn...definitly zayn

A 10 minute video chat with Louis, then Zayn walks in naked ( he didn't know the webcam was on)? Or a 5 minute video chat with Harry while he's naked, but then you lose internet connection?
---...............oh you know what i pick.......zayn walk in naked.....:iconlaloveplz:

Skinny dipping with Harry and Liam? Or Skinny dipping with Zayn and Louis?

Share gummy bears with Harry, while he feeds it to you? Or share the same ice cream cone with Liam?

Find out that One direction are actually all girls? Or find out that One Direction actually all hate each other?

Have Harry tweet your best friend constantly (fancies her)? Or Zayn tweet that you're a creep?
--- :iconallaloneplz: niether shall i pick......

Have Harry tweet how adorable you are? Or Zayn tweet how amazingly sexy you are?
---Zayn.......definitly zayn

Fall asleep on Liam's abs? or Fall asleep on Harry's chub?

Have Zayn play with your hair as you sleep? Or Niall caressing your face as you sleep?

Have Harry shave off all his hair? Or Zayn shave off his eyebrows?

Find Harry and Louis sniffing your panties? Or Zayn and Liam sniffing Wagner's panties?
--- Harry and louis

stole from a friend


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